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This website is designed to introduce Nutritional Balancing, a systematic and comprehensive approach to achieving true health. The tree is a symbol of health, needing no other input but sunlight, air, water and soil to grow and thrive. As humans our needs are more complex, but like a tree, we have certain basic needs, and if these are not provided for, health is impossible, no matter what other attempts are made to "fix" the situation.

Do you want real health?
Rates of disease are at an all time high in the industrialized world. Often the remedies and treatments offered by practitioners, both conventional and holistic, don't really get to the root of the problem. Frequently they make things worse.  Many cases too, such as my own, simply do not "qualify" for a diagnosis when in their early stages. I had a mystery illness in 1988. In my case, the illness did not actually exist, at least not yet. It came to be well-recognized about a decade later. You can read more about my story here. When my two children, in the late '90's had numerous health problems, and the health "authorities" offered no real help, I again came to see that health is not clearly defined or understood today. It seemed that according to doctors, if you don't have a disease, you're assumed to have health. Not so, really....You can read more about my story here.

What does Nutritional Balancing say about this and other problems?
It says that health is a state of high vitality, which is basically resistance to illness, infection, stress and disease. It says that  illness develops in stages and that we can eliminate or at least improve illness by balancing body chemistry. It also says that the real causes of disease are nutrient deficiency, low vitality (weak organs, glands and systems), accumulation of toxins, and a few other  factors.

Nutritional Balancing uses hair mineral analysis to gain an understanding of how an individual's body is working and how it is ailing, on multiple levels. More about this is found here. You might also like to read the article, Hair Mineral Analysis, An Introduction by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, one of the founders of Nutritional Balancing, and the overseer of a worldwide system of practitioners trained in his method of doing Nutritional Balancing.

Thirty years' experience and about 100,000  individual cases, all overseen by Dr. Lawrence Wilson MD (www.drlwilson.com), are proof that the approach called Nutritional Balancing works. Indeed this approach forms a unified theory of health, that is, a theory explaining how and why we get sick in the first place and how illness can be reversed.  It is based on research-proven concepts as to how our bodies work. For more about the underlying science involved, see the list of references found here on Dr. Wilson's website and see the page on this website, How and Why It Works.

In part, I know on a very intimate level what I assert here because of how following a Nutritional Balancing program healed my body and transformed my life. I was once so sick that I literally had no quality of life. I had a host of ailments such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, adrenal exhaustion, arthritis, occipital neuritis and vasculitis. I also had signs of certain autoimmune diseases (such as lupus, MS, ankylosing spondylitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis)--while yet not "qualifying" for most of them--except for vasculitis and Celiac Disease. In addition, I had episodes of ataxia and other odd neurological symptoms including areas of my body that were numb for years. I was diagnosed with "immune dysregulation" (i.e. "allergic to everything" and a totally over-active immune system), while at the same time, I had chronic infections particularly of the sinuses, intestines and jaw. I also had periods of chronic migraine headaches, nearly lifelong anemia, ovarian cysts, early menopause, and quite a few more problems besides. For me, even with all these issues, the truly worst part of the whole picture were the brain-function problems which waxed and waned throughout the years, gradually worsening and becoming a constant brain fog with ADD and Asperger's-like symptoms that effectively separated me socially from others.

The names of the various illnesses and disorders gave no clue about the cause of my health breakdown. In fact, having so many supposedly separate problems simultaneously with no cohesive explanation for them was clearly a major failing of the conventional medicine system. Once pathology was pronounced enough, physicians could tell me what disease or disorder I had (or "almost qualified" as having!), but not why I had it, nor how to fix it, nor why my health had deteriorated so badly. All this happened while I was relatively young; for the most part in my 30's. I now understand that the reason for all these problems was the large load of toxins I accumulated before birth and through my entire childhood and young adulthood. Toxins like cadmium, lead and mercury, arsenic and even uranium all showed up later on tests as I began to discover what was wrong.

The conventional treatments for the problems listed above, in my case, were largely ineffective and I either refused them or gave them up early. The natural ones were still not able to get to the root causes effectively. It seemed so called "natural medicine" had little more to offer, in the end than did conventional medicine in terms of actually fixing permanently what was wrong. However, now, due to following a Nutritional Balancing program for close to four years, I am free of pain, happy, confident, energetic and consider myself to be more "well" than I was twenty to thirty years ago. I still have healing to do but for all practical purposes, I have regained my life. I believe I am about 90% complete in my recovery.

You can read more of my story here.

What Do Other People Who have Used Nutritional Balancing Have to Say?
Recently a client of mine who is a stock trader made this comment:

"1) Since I've started NB, I've seen my trading stats for work go up significantly from a 62% win/loss to 75%.
While waiting for the new program, I let myself eat pretty much whatever I wanted. I noticed a big change and didn't like it at all. Plus, my stats went right back down to 60%.
2) Had hip surgery in 2005 after a bad ski accident fractured the head of my femur. Needed three screws which are still there. Lately I've been feeling all sorts of weird sensations there as if the hip is remineralizing the injury.

These things are pretty amazing to me. Just wanted to pass them along for whatever they're worth.

Charlie C. New Hampshire

You might also like to read testimonials/case reports of a number of other individuals who have used Nutritional Balancing to heal or vastly improve problems from hyperthyroidism to addictions, brain fog, various autoimmune conditions, schizophrenia, obesity, hypertension and more, here on Dr. Wilson's website.

What is the History of Nutritional Balancing?
Nutritional Balancing is not a quick fix or a fad. It is not even new. It has been around for over half a century. It uses hair mineral analysis to discover the unique needs of the individual and to devise a supplement, diet and lifestyle program based on the needs of the individual. 

Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD developed the approach used today, building upon the foundation laid by the original founder of the approach, Dr. Paul Eck. 

If you are willing to work on your diet and lifestyle habits, and take a few nutritional supplements, Nutritional Balancing may be right for you.

Typically the absolutely required aspects of a Nutritional Balancing Program are:
  • a specific diet, which some would consider to be very strict
  • about 8 nutritional supplements, taken daily according to specific instructions
  • certain lifestyle adjustments such as limiting activity and getting adequate rest

Additionally, it is often necessary, in order to improve a person's comfort level and speed of progress on a program, for them to add:
  • detoxification therapies, particularly sauna therapy and coffee enemas

It is not necessary to do all parts of the program perfectly to get improvement. Many people need to start slowly and make changes gradually, as I did. If you have the willingness to stick with the program and keep trying and improving your compliance, you will, in most cases, be able to achieve huge improvements in your health. Positive results are often seen as early as a few weeks or in more complex cases, a month or so after a person makes recommended changes.

This approach is not about symptom suppression or other forms of artificial health. In fact, symptoms and manifestations of the imbalances in the body are not focused upon. It is often not too important what exact diagnosis or problem a person has, or what the details are about how exactly a person is ill. What really matters is how that person's body is responding to stress and in what ways the normal operation of the body is deranged, on a mineral and metabolic level. When such factors are corrected, and the other lifestyle factors properly controlled, this allows the body to make its own corrections, healing injuries, eliminating infections, eliminating toxins, and so forth. Though it may be hard to believe at first, the body can really do this. Just because a person is sick does not mean they are "healing impaired," but rather, most likely they are missing the needed nutrients and environmental factors required for healing to take place. When we correct these things, the body heals.

Carrying out the recommendations you are given in a Nutritional Balancing program has a lot to do with loving yourself enough to provide properly for your body's needs. It is completely life affirming and healing on multiple levels. In fact, if you heal with Nutritional Balancing, you will find yourself gradually becoming more the person you want to be and were meant to be. It is simply a natural result of the deeper healing of the human body and mind. This is what Dr. Wilson calls "development." This can however be somewhat difficult for many people, especially achievers who dislike slowing down. Even so, it is well worth it and confers a much higher level of functioning eventually. 

To find out more about Nutritional Balancing and why it works click here.

To find out how to get started with a hair test and Nutritional Balancing program, click here.

Disclosure and Disclaimer: Nutritional Balancing does not diagnose, treat, cure  or prescribe treatment for diseases or conditions of any kind. Rather, it restores balance and vitality through nutrition and lifestyle modification. This often results in improvement in conditions or diseases.

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