The tree is a symbol of health, needing no other input but sunlight, air, water and soil to grow and thrive. As humans our needs are more complex but like the tree, we have certain basic needs, and if these are not provided for, true health is impossible.

This website is designed to introduce Development, originally called Nutritional Balancing. This method of healing the human body and mind is what has given me back my life. I was once very ill. You can read my story here.

Nutritional Balancing Science as practiced today by myself and other professionals was developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck and Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD. They worked together in the 1980's and 90's. Dr. Eck started the hair mineral analysis laboratory, Analytical Research Labs and the supplement company Endomet Laboratories.

Nutritional Balancing is concerned with mineral balance in the human body. Through the use of a hair mineral test it is possible to gain a great deal of information about the functioning of a person's glands and organs, their stage of stress-response, lifestyle factors that may be impacting them, and much more. Of course, it may also reveal toxins, deficiencies and excesses of minerals.

These pioneers developed a system of healing based on their own work and the previous work of George Watson, Hans Selye, Henry Schroeder and others. 

There are different schools of thought on how to best achieve the goals of mineral balancing. The "Development" approach is the approach developed exclusively by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD. There are now practitioners worldwide who use the Development approach.  I am one such practitioner and I work directly with Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

"Development" as used here refers to the unfolding of a person's potential based on the renewing of their physical, mental and spiritual health. For more please see: Introduction to Development by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

In my discussion here, I will  use the terms 'true health' and 'real health'  -- by which I mean -- health on every level; body, mind and soul.* (see note below). True health is not just the absence of symptoms but a state of high functioning of each of these integrated parts, and a state of resistance to stress.

Most people in our Western world define true health as "a state of freedom from signs and symptoms of illness" such as poor numbers on a laboratory test, like high cholesterol or low bone density or frequent infections. However, the absence of illness is of course not the same as the presence of health.

You may be at a point of feeling you don't care too much about true health, just so long as you can find a way to alleviate your digestive distress,  fatigue,  poor sleep, poor wound healing, low motivation or other aches, pains or illnesses. I understand. That was my goal initially as well.

However, here is a critical factor in true healing: we must address a person's health on other levels to reach a state of true health. Any healing process which doesn't produce healing on these other levels, will not bring about real health, in the end. What this means is that the problem or problems a person is dealing with usually will re-surface in the same or different form, in a matter of time. In fact in some cases things can get a good deal worse with many of the symptom suppressing approaches commonly used today.

Nutritional Balancing / Development excels  at bringing about real, deeper healing for people. The process quite naturally brings the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person into view and assists individuals to deal with these factors. This happens naturally as healing unfolds.

Nutritional Balancing helps us to address nutritional and other factors that set the stage for the deeper healing of the whole person. When the body's true needs, such as for certain minerals, or the strengthening of a particular gland is addressed, then aspects of the person's life that are out of balance begin to heal as well.

There are many aspects of our human functioning that can be more clearly assessed via the use of hair mineral testing than by other methods. A simple example is that many, if not most, individuals who are tested show low thyroid function with a hair mineral test, whereas on a standard blood test, they do not. Often we can substantially improve overall wellness by addressing the slow thyroid through nutrition and detoxification, as well as diet and the nutrition program as a whole. This is just one example; the same holds true for adrenal function and other aspects of physical function.

Hopefully we agree that we cannot truly heal the physical body without addressing the other aspects of a person. Even if you aren't sure you agree, please, continue with an open mind.

I mentioned souls above. How does this topic even relate to nutrition? Dr. Wilson mentions souls in his articles about Nutritional Balancing. You can delve into this fascinating topic on his website. But suffice it to say,  the Nutritional Balancing /Development process still works even if you don't  believe in the existence of souls. One modern definition of "soul" is simply, "the smallest unit of consciousness" -- somewhat like a monad in the philosophy of the early Pythagoreans and other Greeks.

Many different styles of spiritual or philosophical belief are quite compatible with Development.  True religions and true spiritual paths are enhanced by Development, and Development is enhanced by these paths, but it is also quite possible to simply be a "nonbeliever" and follow the diet and lifestyle and detoxification routines to achieve major improvements in health.

Do you want true health?

Poor health of the body affects the mind and all other aspects of our human existence. If you agree with this, and you are willing to follow a careful diet, take 8-10 nutritional supplements, and do some procedures each day to help detoxify and re-set your body toward better health, then Development may be an approach to health and well being that suits you.

Things that damage true health are:

  • trauma
  • excessive stress of all varieties
  • poor nutrition / inadequate intake of nutrients of all types
  • nutritional imbalances, for example a relative excess of copper with low zinc
  • a damaged "microbiome" or gut flora
  • chronic infections
  • toxin accumulation
  • energetic influences of certain types, not only stray electromagnetic fields from cell phone towers but also even the energetic dynamics between individuals in relationships
  • all sorts of other factors such as becoming dehydrated, poor posture, consuming false information, and much more

Obviously many of us are coping with a number of these stressors at all times. With Nutritional Balancing we seek to relieve these stressors as much as possible.

You do not need a detailed understanding of the concepts touched on here in order to proceed along the path toward better health and regain functioning of essential aspects of yourself as a human being. All you need is a willingness to learn and to begin, proceeding step by step.

Nutritional Balancing allowed me to re-gain my own life. I have gone from being told that there is no recognized effective treatment for my illness, to now knowing I will have 100% recovery eventually. Please see My Story to learn more about my history and how Nutritional Balancing has helped me.

For more detailed information about the programs we create for clients, please see Introduction To The Development Program by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

*Soul: an animating or vital principle inherent in living things and endowing them in various degrees with the potential to grow and reproduce, to move and respond to stimuli (as in the case of animals), and to think rationally (as in the case of humans). From

Disclosure and Disclaimer: Nutritional Balancing does not diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe treatment for diseases or conditions of any kind. Rather, it restores balance and vitality through nutrition and lifestyle modification. This often results in improvement in conditions or diseases.